Hypertension-Helping Date & Cocoa Truffle Poppers

Print Date & Cocoa Truffle Popper Recipe Author: Chef Kelly Yorke Serves: 12 Servings   These truffle poppers are very low in cholesterol and sodium. They also provide a good source of dietary fiber and magnesium. They are quick and easy to make, do not require cooking or baking, and store well in a covered container at […]

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Diabetic-Friendly Breakfast Congee

Print Fruits & Vegetable Breakfast Congee Recipe Author: Chef Kelly Yorke Recipe type: Breakfast Serves: 12 Servings   This nutritious and filling, high-fiber breakfast porridge is kind on the glycemic load and because it cooks overnight and is ready in the morning it easy also on a busy morning schedule, as well! Congee is a soupy, porridge-like dish […]

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Cancer-Fighting Vegetarian Bean Chili

Print Vegetarian Bean Chili Recipe Author: Chef Kelly Yorke Serves: 6   This recipe is a good choice to include in a cancer-fighting diet. Beans are a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, and lignans. Lignans may have a protective effect against breast and prostate cancer. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which can help fight endometrial, lung, prostate […]

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