About Chef Kelly Yorke, Therapeutic Cuisine

subpage-headshotChef Kelly Yorke is concerned about modern civilization’s deteriorating availability of wholesome natural food choices and has set out to raise social awareness of this trend. She feels that many of the chronic disease conditions that are on the rise today can be alleviated through less processed food consumption and more mindful eating choices. Her show “Therapeutic Cuisine” provides informative content about foods and recipes aimed towards improving and/or avoiding various concerning human health conditions.

Kelly’s culinary careers encompasses a broad range of accomplishments, skills and knowledge as a professional chef, food writer, recipe developer, culinary consultant, caterer, conference coordinator, private chef business owner, and live and network television cooking segment and show chef. She blazed the trail in the highly specialized fields of commercial airline catering and corporate food & beverage management by being hired as the first female corporate chef at many of her previous places of employment such as LSG Sky Chefs and Midwest Airlines, to name a few.

small_cowboyShe describes her extensive scope of experience as having thickened her skin and softened her heart. She grew up in Maryland and currently lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her education includes studies and degrees in Dietetics, The Culinary Arts, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a devoted horsewoman, skier, animal & nature lover, country music fan, healthy-life stylist, detailed thinker, creative intellect, compassionate leader, determined visionary and surviving underdog. She describes her philosophy in life is to always be focused on giving her personal best and she says her life is an ongoing work in progress – so stay tuned.